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1982 Issues

October 1982

Some Aspects of Flavorings Legislation

Flavor Compounds in Cheese

Safety/Testing of Fragrances

The Drying of Laurel Leaves

Fragrance Trends

August 1982

Cycloheptadecanone from Dimethyl Octadecanedioate via a One-Step Catalytic Process

Perfumery Notes: Ylang Survey

Analysis of the Essential Oil of Vateria Indica Linn

Major Volatile Constituents of Egyptian Rose Absolute

The Role of the Perfumer at a Finished Goods House

June 1982

Geranoil-rich essential oil from Monarda Fistuloa L.

Modern Perfumery Chemicals

The Development and Introduction of a New Perfumery Chemical

The Story Behind the Launch of Sophia

Creativity and Practicality in Developing Fragrances for Functional Products

April 1982

Armoise-Artemesia Herba Alpa

Flavor Compounds in Fermented Milks

Demonstrating Perfume Fixation

Patents and Fragrance Formulation: Are they Compatible?

Synthesis and Aroma Properties of Bis 1, 1 and 2, 2 (Methylthio) Alkanes

February 1982

New Compounds with Small Rings in Essential Oils

Spectroscopic Characterization of a Rare Monoterpene from Blumea Mollis

Composition and Characteristics of Dill: A Review

Synthesis and Odor Properties of Carene and Carane Derivatives

A Neurbehavioral Analysis of I-Amino Acids as Taste Stimuli

January 1982

The Significance and Use of Trace Components in Flavors

The Application of Flavor in Food Processing

The Influence of Methyl Group Substitution on the Odor of Aliphatic Nitriles

China's Burgeoning Aromatics Industry