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1980 Issues

October 1980


Investigation of the Species-Specific Flavor of Meat

Basic Features, Structure, Worldwide Sales, and Competitive Situation of the F&F Industry

The Quality of Valencia Orange Peel Oil as Related to Roostocks

Muguet in Perfumery: A Review of Lily of the Valley

August 1980


The Future of Legislation

Future Market Requirements of Flavors

June 1980

An Appraisal of the Chemistry of m-Menthane Derivatives: Virgin Substrates for F&F Technology

Natural Aromatic Raw Materials in the 80s

Tomorrow -- Perfumers or Just Odors

Perfumer/Retailer - A Silent Partnership

The Challenge of the 80s

April 1980

Essential Oil of Artemisia Pallens Wall (Davana): A Study of Minor Constituents

Perfumery Notes: An Anatomy of Rose

February 1980

A Peep into p-menth-1-ene Chemistry

Synthesis and Odor Characteristics of Some Analogs of Acyclic Sesquiterpenoids

Musks in Perfumery

January 1980

Comparison of Isolation Procedures for Essential Oils IV.

Essential Oils of Egypt

Industry Information: Spices

Spices: Quality Control and Standards

Consumption of Flavoring Materials as Food Ingredients and Food Additives