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1979 Issues

November 1979

Steam Distillation of the Superficial Essential Oils: Hypotheses from Studies with Lavenders and Mints

Analyses of Volatiles in Flavor-Scored Vegetable Oils and Detection of Flower Petal Essences by Unconventional Instrumental Means

Ozonolysis Used for Synthesis of Odor Compounds

The European patent - its impact on the flavor and fragrance industry

September 1979

Twenty-five Years of FEMA Vanilla Research

Study of Skin Irritations Caused by Perfumery Materials

Brown Oil Extractor

Human Odors - What can they Tell us?

Transition from (+)-Car-3-ene to fragrance chemicals

July 1979

Olfactory Fatigue: What it is and How to Avoid it In Product Testing

May 1979

Bacteriostatic Activity of Some Australian Essential Oils

Leaf Essential Oils of Three Different Varieties of Citrus reticulata Blanco growing in Egpyt

A Thin Layer Chromatographic Method for Estimation of Geraniol in Oils of Palmarosa

Profile of p-menth-3-ene Chemistry

March 1979

Creative Process in Perfumery

Birth of a Fragrance for a Product

Purchasing Fragrances

What Future Essential Oils?

Saccharin - the Sweet and Sour Saga

January 1979

Nitriles in Perfumery

Nitriles: Their Application in Perfumery

China: Important Raw Material Producer?

Lavandin Abrialis, lavandin Grosso: What is Their Future?

Fragrance Application in Consumer Products