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1978 Issues

November 1978

Gas Chromatography as an Industry Process Operation - Application to Essential Oils

Contribution fo the Study of the Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil from the Terminal Branches of the Cypress Tree in the Grasse Area

In Vitro Antimicrobial Studies of the Essential Oil of Tagetes Erecta

September 1978

The Transformation of Norda

Toxins, Aflatoxins, Natural Toxicants and Antinutrients in foods. Safety Date Required for Food Additives

Food Technologists' Point of View

Keynote Address: There is More to Taste than Meets the Tongue

The Relationship Between Odor and Flavor

July 1978

Synthesis of Some Substituted Pyrazines and Their Olfactive Properties

May 1978

Naarden-Chiris- an Expanded Raw Material Source

The New Synthetic Menthol Plant of Haarmann & Reimer

Perfumers' Notebook: Families of Perfumery Chemicals

Contribution to the study of Eriocephalus punctulactus essential oil: II. Azulenic compounds

March 1978

Total Syntheses of Spirovetivanes and Khusimone

Turpentine as a Source of Perfume and Flavor Materials

Importance of Minor Components in Flavors and Fragrances

Cyclialkylation of Aromatics with Isoprene Musks to Herbicides

January 1978

Sensory Evaluation in Product Development for Cosmetics and Fragrances

Historical Development and Present Activities of the Scientific Committee of the EOA

Plant Equipment for the Production of Essential Oils and Aroma Chemicals

Chemical Technology as a Source of Synthetic Fragrance and Flavor Materials

Historical and Recent Developments of Essential Oils and Aroma Chemicals