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1977 Issues

November 1977

Perfumer's Notebook: Judgment in Fragrance Creation and Selection

A Chemometric Study of Human Odor Perception

Psychological Qualities of Odor II: Geometry of Odor Quality

October 1977

Present and Future of the Japanese Fragrance and Flavor Industry

September 1977

The Future of Perfumery?

Odor Memory

Quality Factors in Lavandin

Searching the Patent Literature for F&F Materials

What Influence do New Fragrance Materials Have in Perfumery?

July 1977

Perfumer's Notebook: Perfumes- Effect of the Product Medium

Inter-Disciplinary Organoleptic Research

Bloom, Groom or Doom - Market Research Study of the Men's Fragrance Market

Science, Sex and Fragrance

The Bibliophile

May 1977

Perfumer's Notebook: Stability of Fragrance Materials

The Sensory Psychology of Odor Mixture: Changes in Odor Strength and Odor Hedonics

March 1977

Reference List of Flavoring Substances in Use in the US

January 1977

Perfumer's Notebook: Perfuming of Laundry Detergents

Odor Tenacity of Perfumery Materials

Chemistry of a-Phellandrene

Safety Aspects of Flavor and Fragrance