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1976 Issues

October 1976

Perfumery Materials Industry in Poland: Its Organization and Recent Investigations

Production of Fragrance Materials in Egypt

Kinds and Intensities of Odors

Fragrance Intensity Measurement by Magnitude Estimation

September 1976

2nd Symposium of The Society of Flavor Chemists: Flavors - Safety and Regulations

Malodor: The Neglected Opportunity

June 1976

Stands and Specifications: Essential Oil Association of the USA, Inc.

The First 50 Years were the Easiest: How to Survive as a Family Business

Design and Creation of a Successful Major Fragrance

Olfaction and its Relationship to the Sexual Function in Men and Woman

The Safety of Fragrance Materials

April 1976

Flavor Applications in Wine

The Safe Use of Flavors - Update

February 1976

Natural Products and Their Sources

Symposium on Supplies of Natural and Synthetic Materials

Genealogy of Fragrance

January 1976

Basic Features of Modern Flavour Regulation

Lavender and lavandin in France

Perfumer & Flavorist: Year One

Base notes of Perfumery