Cathay Capital Takes Minority Stake in Juliette Has a Gun

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During Single's Day, Juliette Has a Gun was among the top three brands on Tmall in the high-end fragrance category

Juliette Has a Gun has chosen Cathay Capital as a minority shareholder, with the objective of leveraging the company's strategic and financial support to expand the direct-to-consumer channel and accelerate its international development, with a focus on the Chinese consumer market. 

During Single's Day—China's number-one e-commerce event in November—Juliette Has a Gun was among the top three brands on Tmall in the high-end fragrance category. A reported 10,000 sets of fragrances sold out in just one hour, which set a new record for high-end perfumes. 

Romano Ricci, the founder of Juliette has a gun, said:  “We are convinced of the potential of our brand as one of the rare independent perfume makers. Using an omni-channel marketing strategy to build the personalized service and experience that the younger generation of consumers need in the new era is key. Cathay Capital, with its experienced investment team, in-depth local consumer market know-how, and global ecosystem of partners, is the perfect match to accompany us as we grow, to support our vision and to seize strategic opportunities in Asia and worldwide.”

Lanchun Duan, managing partner of Cathay Capital, said: “With the rise of a new generation, Chinese consumers’ attitudes towards perfume have made a 180-degree turn. From rarely using perfume to buying all kinds of high-end perfumes and obsessing over niche fragrances, perfume consumption has become a habit for today’s young consumers, and Juliette has a gun is the one with the most tone and personality.”