[podcast] Missed Cues Present Future Sensory Potential

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"As marketers start to think about stimulating more senses in a way they weren’t before, they are still missing one thing: how the senses connect," explains Charles Spence, Ph.D., of the University of Oxford.


"Many have tried changing the music they play in stores, or piping in a relaxing fragrance—but are they aligned? High tempo music plays to move shoppers through the store faster but releasing a relaxing scent is incongruent. Matching the senses is something many haven’t caught onto yet."

In this seven-part podcast series, sponsored by Berjé, world-renowned experimental psychologist Charles Spence, Ph.D., of the University of Oxford, explores sensory integration in consumer products. Our discussion ranges from cosmetic packaging design, fragrance and aroma, to synesthesia, digital tools and more—and how they can cue one another. Click below to listen to the full podcast—it's free.

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