Raw Material of the Week: Indole

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Jasmine flower

Natural Advantage has launched natural indole (FEMA# 2593, CAS# 120-72-9). This product can be used for enhancing sweetness as well as adding creamy notes to flavors and providing floral aromas.

At 0.017 ppm, indole gives creamy notes and hints of vanilla. To get a fresh honeysuckle and jasmine aroma, the recommended use is between 0.17 ppm and 0.5 ppm. 

Indole’s Industry Footprint

According to an article from the archives by George S. Clark, “Indole is one of the first heterocyclic materials that became available to our industry, and is thus a member of a family of potent aroma chemicals that include the pyrazine subclass responsible for revoluti­onizing the flavor industry over the past two decades.”

Indole has a strong occurrence within florals, finding its way into nearly all floral creations, especially jasmine. Not only does this ingredient have a presence in florals, but also meat and seafood, fruit, dairy and fermented flavors too among others.

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