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For more than 170 years, Robertet has been the leading source of natural ingredients for the fragrance, flavors, and health and beauty industries. Our innovations, as well as our uncontested raw materials portfolio, are based on sourcing that assures the sustainability, traceability, and security of supply. 

Robertet’s expertise ranges from the origin—the seed, the leaves, and the flowers—to our manufacturing competence that is continually being reinvented: extraction, hydro-distillation, purification, molecular distillation, extraction CO2, and co-distillation. Examined and dissected, Robertet raw materials reveal the marvels of the living world. 

Robertet is excited to introduce the Botanist Collection, a celebration of our rich history in naturals and our unsurpassed expertise in botanical innovations. The collection showcases a selection of our unique range of natural ingredients curated from around the world. 

Sign up to receive a sample of the Botanist Collection, cultivated by our Botanical Experts and perfected over the years. We have infused these ingredients into various applications revealing the versatility of our natural products. Robertet’s kit features essential oil blends, a hemp-derived CBD roll-on, relaxing gummies, an infused cooking oil, and a refreshing facial mist. 

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