April 2018 Product Roundup: Florals

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  • A floral F&F product

    Methyl Dihydrojasmonate

    Natural Advantage

    Methyl dihydrojasmonate (FEMA# 3408, CAS# 24851-98-7) is best described as delicate floral, blooming jasmine flowers. In fragrance, it gives bright elusive jasmine-like lifts and extended substantivity. Methyl dihydrojasmonate adds sweet aromatic lift to tea, while enhancing the sharpness of the tea flavor to give a clean, refreshing finish. In citrus, this product can be used to elevate flavors, missing components such as adding juiciness, sweet notes and rounding out the flavor compounds.

  • A floral F&F product

    Vionil (10% in Dipropylene Glycol) (BRI 640DPG)

    Bedoukian Research

    Vionil (640DPG) (CAS# 67019-89-0) is a long-lasting ingredient that is detectable on blotter for up to a week once dipped. Its odor presents an intense green floral character, particularly violet, accompanied by subtle notes of walnut. At trace levels, this powerful nitrile is excellent for adding green floral notes to fragrance applications where aldehydes are not stable.

  • A floral F&F product

    Phenyl Ethyl Dimethyl Carbinyl Isobutyrate, ≥97%, FG


    Papaya isobutyrate (FEMA# 2736, CAS# 10031-71-7) is subtle, sweet, fruity and nectar-like with floral, slightly honey and green tropical fruit nuances. This ingredient’s succulent and slightly sweet mouth-feel works well in white grape, papaya, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, kiwi, lychee and rambutan. Its honey nuance is not overly pronounced, but does impart a fruity sweetness. The product meets halal and kosher certifications, in addition to following the IFRA guidelines.

  • White flowers


    Takasago International Corporation

    Biomuguet (CAS# 194934-66-2/51513-58-7) is a 100% bio-based and biodegradable ingredient. It harmonizes well with marine and citrus notes. In combination with biocyclamol, it extends a natural and linear muguet ozonic radiance into the dry down. It can be used as an alternative to classic muguet ingredients without IFRA restrictions.

  • A floral fragrance product

    Mimosa Absolute MD

    Ernesto Ventós S.A.

    Mimosa absolute MD (FEMA# 2755, CAS# 93685-96-2), as most floral products, is the main expression of its natural essence. Mimosa absolute is a mass and to make easier use of it, this ingredient is offered in a liquid form, keeping the authentic smell of fresh mimosa. This product is mainly used as a fine fragrance compund, specially indicated to emphasize floral accords. 

  • A floral F&F product

    Beyond Muguet


    Famous for its iconic perfumery ingredients, Firmenich recently decided to group its unrivalled collection of fresh and transparent florals under a single name. Beyond muguet (CAS# 0300371-33-9) embodies a new creative approach to universal floral notes. As part of this new program, the company has introduced the launch of Hivernal Neo to the market. Follow #FirmenichWPC2018 for more information.


  • A floral F&F product

    Florals by Symrise

    Symrise AG

    From rose, jasmine and orange blossom to the world of lily of the valley, florals by Symrise include Majantol (CAS# 103694-68-4), mugetanol (CAS# 63767-86-2) and magnolan (CAS# 27606-09-3). Majantol stands for transparency, mugetanol for a rosy white floralcy, and magnolan for naturalness.

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