Roman Chamomile of the Pacific Northwest

FarWest Chamomile LLC
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Established in 2016 and joining growers with decades of production experience, FarWest Chamomile set out to bring a standard to growing practices, distillation and handling methods to the Roman Chamomile market.

All facilities maintain a hazard analysis critical point plan and operate withing the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. With a fully equipped laboratory, we offer GC/MS analysis and custom blends. Fractional distillation for custom prescriptions and availability of individual components are currently under development.

Our easy-to-use website gives easy access to samples and has a thorough RFQ form that covers everything to get an accurate quote quickly. Choose the oil you want, the exact quantity, shipping preference and receive a discount on repeat orders. We've worked with end users to minimize the time and effort required to obtain the Roman Chamomile oil they need.

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