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Innovative solutions for new textures & structures

Cosmetics is a highly competitive industry. Being the best at delivering safe, appealing products to consumers means success. Scientific strength and advancements often help determine who succeeds in such a competitive environment. That’s even more true when streamlining traditional lengthy production processes, working with challenging ingredients for natural/organic cosmetics, or meeting regulatory requirements for safety and notifications. We want to help you succeed. 

Our continuously operating twin-screw extruders enable the development and scale up of new structures and formulations in one step, saving you time and material. They can process both powders (loose and compressed) and semi-solid textures such as those used for mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Take advantage of excellent mixing and compounding capabilities combined with great flexibility for material usage and temperature control. Each instrument in our broad range of twin-screw extruders is fully capable and GMP compliant. Our smallest compounder needs only a few grams of sample for its work; see the Thermo Scientific™ Process 11 extruder in action.

New process and hyphenated approaches can also help cosmetics producers overcome challenges for cosmetics companies. We’ve developed several hyphenated approaches to solving analytical challenges with cosmetics and flavors:

  • Raman spectroscopy and rheology
  • FTIR spectroscopy and rheology
  • Rheology and dielectrical analysis (DEA)
  • Near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) and twin-screw compounding


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You’ll find ways to easily tailor the formulation process to your specific needs and meet compliance requirements at the same time. You’ll also learn about our proven instrument solutions:

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