CPL Aromas Launches Aroma Captives

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In order to give clients access to unique product formulations, CPL Aromas launched Aromafusion, a range of in-house captive ingredients available to perfumers which is created through molecular distillation.

“Our clients are constantly requesting creativity and innovation,” said Christian Provenzano, director of perfumer at CPL Aromas. “Aromafusion ingredients allow CPL Aromas perfumers the ability to formulate with high quality captive ingredients providing us with new creative possibilities.”

“The launch of Aromafusion marks an important step in the development of our business,” added Chris Pickthall, group CEO. “Extensive research and investment has produced a range of high quality raw materials that are totally unique and exclusive to CPL Aromas as we seek to offer new and innovative benefits to our clients.”

The Uniqueness Factor

The new line of ingredients provides perfumers with a wider range of materials, which can be incorporated into various perfumery applications, as well as expands the company's raw material portfolio. Clients have the opportunity to create fragrances exclusive to the company, creating a more personalized product development process.

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