Odor Properties of 1-(p-Alkyl)Phenylethanols and Their Esters

Contact Author L. Cerveny, M. Krivska, A. Marhoul, J. Pokorny and J. Kalinova,
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1-(p-Alkyl)phenylethanols were prepared by two-step synthesis: acylation of alkylbenzenes (alkyl = methyl, propyl, isobutyl, tert-butyl) and subsequent hydrogenation of the resulting p-alkylacetophenones. The resulting 1-(p-alkyl) phenylethanols as well as their esters have peculiar flavoring properties that suggest their use as fragrances.

Among the substances mentioned above, only p-methylacetophenone, p-isobutylacetophenone, p-tert-butylacetophenone and 1-(p-methyl)phenylethanol were considered as fragrances by Arctander.

Special attention was paid to p-acetophenone derivatives, which can enrich the family of currently known flavors. Their preparation generally follows the reactions shown in Scheme 1.