Loewe Perfumes' Kaleidoscope Color Project

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Loewe Perfumes has re-bottled its fragrances with a single rainbow-shaded multisensorial repertoire, grouping them by fragrance families. Photo: Loewe.

Loewe Perfumes has re-bottled its fragrances, now grouped together by eight fragrance families, united by a single flask design and coordinated colors. 

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Each fragrance family is given a singular shade and each fragrance is designated a hue from a kaleidoscope of colors.

All Loewe Perfumes now share the same shape and form with a block-shaped bottle defined by its singular shade in a diverse array of colors.

Loewe has eight fragrance families, ranging from scents for women to men to both.

Women's fragrance families:

  • Aire is a family of four fragrances inspired by the pure and fresh air all around us. Uplifting, elemental and life-giving.

  • Aura is a family of three fragrances inspired by the energy of an inspiring muse: illuminating, generous and extrovert.

Men's fragrance families:

  • 7 is a family of three fragrances inspired by the furthest reaches of outer space, a sense of eternal mystery.

  • Pour Homme is a single fragrance inspired by the earth. The simple pleasure of sensing the ground beneath us, a feeling of connection.

  • Esencia is a family of two fragrances inspired by DNA, the code of life. A pattern that defines each of us as individuals, universal yet unique.

Men's and Women's fragrance families:

  • Solo offers two women's and three men's fragrances inspired by the sunset. A state of balance and equilibrium where night meets day and opposites harmonize.

  • 001 has four women's fragrances and four men's colognes, inspired by new beginnings and early morning light.

  • Agua showcases four women's fragrances and one men's, inspired by the sparkle of light on flowing water.

Fragrances are available in select sizes ranging from 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml. 


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