ScentAir Announces Global Partnership with Snap Fitness

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Snap Fitness's signature scent, developed by the ScentAir team, is meant to stimulate and soothe in times of stress.

Global fitness franchise, Snap Fitness, is launching a new initiative with a new ambient scent by ScentAir.

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Snap Fitness’ goal is to enhance its welcoming experience. The ScentAir team came up with the right fragrances to create a sensory experience that is stimulating yet soothing in times of stress.

ScentAir president, Brian Edwards, shares the same excitement about the partnership, “It is always exciting to work with other global brands, where we can do what we do best—serve a business on a worldwide scale. We’re confident that the new Snap Fitness signature scent will quickly become an integral part of their brand.”  

Andy Peat, chief product officer of Snap Fitness, believes that the fragrance will elevate the feeling of welcome for members, describing it as, “A positive scent to uplift their mood,” which “Starts the moment a member walks into the club.”

He continues, “It’s great to have a well-known and reliable partner in ScentAir to ensure our franchisees are receiving the best product and service available."

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