Homesick and Budweiser Collaborate on Backyard BBQ Candle

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The limited-edition candle features a musky aroma and notes of allspice, barley and smoke.

Homesick and Budweiser collaborated on the Backyard BBQ candle, a limited-edition fragrance with a musky aroma and notes of allspice, barley and smoke.

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  • Top notes offer lemonade, amber and clove.
  • Mid notes offer BBQ smoke and allspice.
  • Base Notes offer barley, vanilla and musk.

The candle comes in a 13.75 oz size with a typical burn time of 60-80 hours. It is made from a natural soy wax blend with premium cotton wicks and custom fragrance oils. The candle is non-toxic and contains no lead, plastics, paraben, synthetic dyes or phthalates

Lauren Lamagna, General Manager at Homesick, said, "We love capturing the moments that matter most through scent, so we had a blast working with Budweiser on this collaboration. So many of our favorite summer memories involve BBQ and Bud, meaning we had a ton of personal experience to draw on creating these candles.”

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