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Cosmopolitan Launches Eau de Juice

Eau de Juice will be available exclusively at Ulta Beauty. Actress Ashley Benson has been named the face of the campaign.

IFF Investigates Payments Made by Frutarom

The US-based F&F house is currently investigating payments made by Frutarom to overseas customers which was revealed in its Q2 financial results report.

Miguel Matos: From Critic to Perfumer

Fragrantica critic and self-taught perfumer, Matos discusses his transition from exclusively being a writer to being a writer and perfumer, as well as what role his background in criticism plays in creating perfume.

A History of India's Perfumery & Aromatics

People in India today still appreciate sandalwood, and it is important to see this wood as more than just another aromatic raw material.

Editor's Note: The Meaning of Wellness

The wellness movement is transforming product development to influence peace of mind in a noisier, more frenetic and faster-paced society. According to a report by the 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor, the global wellness economy was valued at $4.2 trillion in 2017, with personal care and nutrition driving its growth.

Uncommon Boswellia Species: New Ingredients for Perfumery?

The authors discuss the development of new frankincense species as ingredients for perfumery based on secure and sustainable sourcing, as well as chemical and sensorial analyses of carefully selected and botanically authenticated samples.

How Scent and Hospitality are Redefining the Experience Economy

As ambient scent-scaping becomes increasingly sophisticated, unique wellness offerings are integrating fragrance in surprising and visionary ways.

The Ritual of Bathing

Whether we wish to simmer in the scented suds of our personal bathtubs or sweat it out with the crowds at the banya, we are truly seeping in tradition and ritual… all the while honoring ancient practices.

August 2019: Wellness and Sustainability

See what's new in wellness and sustainability ingredients with the August 2019 Perfumer & Flavorist product roundup.

Symrise AG's Renewable Linalools

The company offers linalool, linalyl acetate, and tetrahydrolinalool from renewable sources.

Mane's Lavandin Pure Jungle Essence

Created with supercritical technology, this ingredient can add fresh top notes to fragrance application or a nice floral twist to foods and beverages.

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