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Perfumer & Flavorist Launches Weekend Newsletter

The Perfumer & Flavorist weekend edition will provide a recap into the latest flavor and fragrance industry news.

Michelle Pfeiffer Launches Transparent Fragrance Brand Henry Rose

Created by IFF perfumers Yves Cassar and Pascal Gaurin, the five scents were designed with a limited palette of fragrance ingredients to ensure Environmental Working Group (EWG) standards.

FDA Talks Cannabis Next Steps, Announces Public Hearing

The new steps will include the creation of an eternal agency that will explore potential pathways for the lawful marketing of products with CBD.

Tommy Bahama Sets Sail on Fragrance Launch

Created by Firmenich senior perfumer Frank Voelk, the scent features notes of apple, cardamom, lavender, cilantro, violet, tree moss, cedarwood and others.

Scent Creations at Your Fingertips With Givaudan’s AI Tool Carto

The A.I. powered tool will allow perfumers to create scents through an interactive visual approach, as opposed to traditional spreadsheets and olfactive pyramid representations.

The Scent of Yellowstone Park: IFF Collaborates on Florals Collection

The five fragrances were inspired by rare plant species at Yellowstone National Park and created by IFF perfumers Yves Cassar, MacKenzie Reilly and Laurent LeGuernec.

IFF Global Service Center Opened in Budapest

By the end of the year, the global service center will have more than 100 employees and will be able to accommodate more as IFF's services expand and recruiting continues.

Assessing the Sustainability of Natural Ingredients With LCA

Known as the Lifecycle Assessment, the LCA standard evaluates the environmental footprint of natural ingredients and can identify opportunities to improve the performance of products and services at various stages of its life cycle.

Forward Thinking: Haste Makes Waste

Consumers’ growing concerns, sustainably sourced ingredients, water reduction, green packaging, recycling and upcycling are all driving sustainable innovation in consumer packaged goods.

Editor's Note: Nature’s Sensory Bounty

One of the most valuable aspects of the F&F industry is its close proximity to the natural world and the hands that cultivate, distill and formulate its essences. How are you telling these stories to the world?

Scent & Spirit: A Taste of Mexican Gourmand

Between white copal, zingy peppers, hearty maize and bitter chocolate, the author explores traditional Mexican dishes, linking culinary tradition, ritual and myth through the senses.

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