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Essential Oils’ Identity Crisis

How data problems can create challenges for industry.

Commercial Ambient Scenting in a Post-pandemic World

In the new normal, ambient scents can provide consumers and workers a sense of safety, while adding value to brands in a way that only the fragrance industry can.

F&F Trends on the Rise

This month's editor's note touches on fresh trends, and looks back on how industry standards have shifted and adapted for the 'new normal.' This note also looks at new products and how they connect consumers.

Choosing the Right Fragrance Solvent

Maximizing performance while meeting sustainability and other consumer-driven metrics is a critical balance.

Novel Deodorant Fragrances

Scents utilizing olfactory receptor technology offer efficacy in the control of body malodor.

Synthesizing Sandalore for Sustainability

As natural resources become more precious, sythentic sandalore offers a way to relieve pressure on natural sandalwood resources.

Flavor Bites: Diphenyl Ether

The odor of this underused material is aggressively pungent but strongly reminiscent in dilution of mango skins.

Tom Ford Launches Costa Azzurra Fragrance

Tom Ford's new Costa Azzura fragrance has a crisp medley of cypress, oaks and aromatics.

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