Top Four Alcoholic Beverages Trends of 2021

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Floral and herbal flavors are growing in interest.

T. Hasegawa USA, which identifies emerging food and beverage trends, has released its report for March 2021 focusing on four current trends in alcoholic drinks. 

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1. Healthier Options

According to recent data, consumers under the age of 35 are interested in alcoholic options that are healthier.

This trend is exemplified by the rise in hard seltzer products, which rely heavily on flavors for taste instead of sugars and other unhealthy additives.

2. Simple Drinks

Since consumers mainly drink at home, more than half of consumers are sticking to go-to drinks during the pandemic, which is limiting new flavor and product exploration.

3. Coffee Alcohol

Among younger males, coffee flavored alcoholic drinks have seen an increase in interest. More than 69% of young males aged 22-24 cited a key interest in or experience with the drink

This trend isn't new, but is growing as espresso cocktail flavors have doubled on United States menus since 2015.

4. Floral flavors

Floral and herbal flavors are becoming the latest favorite of younger Gen Z consumers. 

These lighter flavors have grown over 200% on United States menus from 2015-2019.

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