"EEC Flavour Directive”

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The EEC-Flavour-Directive [Council Directive on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to flavorings for use in foodstuffs and to source materials for their production (88/388 EEC * 22.06.88)] has been discussed for many years. The directive is a “framework directive” with definitions, special provisions for the production of flavorings and labeling provisions.

During the years of debate many compromises were discussed. A system of different positive lists for all categories of flavour materials was proposed at first, but it was not acceptable by all Member States. This compromise is based on open inventories for the different aromatic materials, A special Council Decision about the inventories [Council Decision on the establishment, by the Commission, of an inventory of the source materials and substances used in tbe preparation of flavorings (88/389 EEC * 22.06.88) ] describes the collection of all the important data during a period of two years up to the end of June 1990.

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The Member States, the Scientific Committee and the European Flavour Industry will put together all their knowledge about flavour materials, This kind of cooperation will help to ensure an input of high quality.