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Carrot Oil

Staniszewska and Kula (2001) analyzed the composition of a lab-prepared oil of Daucus carota L. ssp. carota that was obtained from wild carrot fl owering umbels growing in their naturalized habitat in Poland. Using a combination of GC and GC/MS, the oil was found to contain the following constituents:

alpha-thujene (0.32 percent)

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alpha-pinene (40.67 percent)

camphene (1.64 percent)

sabinene (18.34 percent)

beta-pinene (2.25 percent)

myrcene (7.04 percent)

alpha;-phellandrene (0.03 percent)

alpha-terpinene (0.67 percent)

p-cymene (1.38 percent)

limonene (5.26 percent)

(Z)-beta-ocimene (3.25 percent)

(E)-beta-ocimene (0.98 percent)

gamma-terpinene (1.53 percent)

pinol + cis-sabinene hydrate (0.38 percent)

terpinolene (0.41 percent)

linalool (0.99 percent)

alpha-campholenal (0.11 percent)

trans-pinocarveol (0.03 percent)

terpinen-4-ol (4.84 percent)

myrtenal (0.02 percent)

alpha-terpineol (0.26 percent)

bornyl acetate (0.13 percent)

alpha-terpinyl acetate (0.09 percent)

neryl acetate (0.02 percent)

geranyl acetate (1.09 percent)

alpha-copaene (0.08 percent)

beta-bourbonene (0.05 percent)

beta-elemene (0.20 percent)

cis-alpha-bergamotene (0.03 percent)

beta-caryophyllene (1.63 percent)

beta-gurjunene (0.06 percent)

trans-alpha-bergamotene (0.03 percent)

(Z)-beta-farnesene (0.51 percent)

alpha-cadinene† (0.34 percent)

(E)-beta-farnesene (0.22 percent)

germacrene D (2.51 percent)

bicyclogermacrene (0.44 percent)

alpha-farnesene* (0.30 percent)

beta-bisabolene (0.58 percent)

gamma-cadinene (0.04 percent)

(E)-gamma-bisabolene (0.21 percent)

alpha-bisabolene* (0.03 percent)

palustrol (0.02 percent)

alpha-bisabolol (0.11 percent)

hexahydrofarnesyl acetone (0.01 percent)

hexadecanoic acid (0.04 percent)

tricosane (0.05 percent)

tetracosane (0.02 percent)

pentacosane (0.05 percent)

*correct isomer not identified; †incorrect identification based on GC elution order

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