7‑Eleven Launches Peeps Marshmallow Latte

7‑Eleven has also launched limited-edition spring-themed snacks.
7‑Eleven has also launched limited-edition spring-themed snacks.

7‑Eleven stores have launched a limited-edition spring latte flavor, Peeps Marshmallow.

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The marshmallow-flavored latte is available at participating stores while supplies last. 

In addition to the Peeps latte, other seasonal 7-Select brand treats are available at participating stores for a limited time. They include:

  • Frosted shortbread cookies, available in the shape of a yellow bumble bee or pink and orange butterflies.

  • Two gummy candies, including butterfly-shaped "Fly with Me" and flower-shaped "Blossom," each in multi-flavor packs.

  • Strawberry coated pretzels with a yogurt swirl.

  • Sandwich crème cookie flavors, including carrot cake, pineapple upside down cake and banana cream pie.

7‑Eleven vice president of proprietary beverages, Jawad Bisbis, said, "Like 7‑Eleven, Peeps Brand Marshmallow Candies are a family favorite with lots of fans, and it's a fun flavor addition to our latte and cappuccino selection. We are always looking for new and unexpected flavors for all of our proprietary beverages–hot, cold and frozen. I hope loyal Peeps enthusiasts will come give our limited-edition latte a try."

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