Mane Spices Up Savory Applications

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Spices and meat

Mane is focused on enhancing spices in savory functions with the development of its Sense Capture spices. Alongside the company’s in-house technologies, it collaborated with Kancor for sourcing and extraction methods.

The company developed the new range of products to address challenges within the spice market. Sense Capture spices will standardize sensory profiles, improve price stability, provide availability year-round and decrease the microbiological risk of spice use. The new range of flavors also enables the reduction of spice usage up to 50% in a savory application.

According to a Market and Research report, the U.S spice and seasoning market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.79% between 2017–2021.

The collection consists of 14 natural and non-natural flavor references with eight spice profiles used in savory applications, such as black pepper, cumin and nutmeg.

While Sense Capture spices were developed primarily for meat applications (including minced meats, emulsified meats and dried meats), it is also suitable for other savory applications such as culinary and snacks.

Based in Kerala, India, Kancor, specializes in processing spices into essential oils and oleoresins. Since 2014, Mane has been a majority stakeholder of the spice supplier. Both Mane and Kancor will work together in developing traceability, selecting and processing the spices into value-added extracts, and providing knowledge of the spice composition and key flavor substances.