Editor's Note: Keeping it 300

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This month's editor's note is keeping it cool, calm and collected as P&F uncovers the essential sensations of mint and oral care.

I know what you are thinking: what could “keeping it 300” possibly mean? While I cannot trace its origins with certainty, I first heard this turn of phrase in a hip-hop song: “I keep it 300/like the Romans.” This refers to the Roman numeral for 300—CCC. To keep it 300, or CCC, is to keep it cool, calm and collected ... fitting for our issue, which this month is focused on not only the latest innovations in mint, but also on “keeping calm and carrying on” during a very difficult time.

On the mint front, the team at Callisons walks us through the production of the plant—from the seed to the vial—and formulating with it (page 38), while associate editor Alex Mackenzie brushes up on oral care (page 34), exploring how natural and sustainable products are shaping the future. Ryan Daily offers insights on working with mint ingredients and showcases some of the mint-infused products (including fragrances) that are offering consumers a breath of fresh air during these stressful times (page 44).

And of course, as promised in our previous issue, we’ve shifted our COVID-19 coverage. As the dust settles and we no longer brace for the impact—but rather learn how to navigate through the difficult terrain—industry organizations including the American Cleaning Institute, American Society of Perfumers, Fragrance Creators Association, International Fragrance Association, Society of Flavor Chemists and National Association of Flavors and Food-Ingredient Systems provided us with valuable insights on everything from workplace safety to shifting manufacturing (page 50). We’re thankful for their leadership during this difficult time, and that we can share their guidance with you.

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We hope that this issue can offer not only critical information for seeing your business through this rocky future, but also a (little) refreshing escape from the present.


D. Eden Stuart

Associate Managing Editor

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