Featured Job: Global Citrus Flavorist at Firmenich

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A whole bunch of citrus flavors

A leader in the fragrance & flavor industry Firmenich is seeking a global citrus flavorist to be a part of Firmenich's Global Citrus Strategic Business Platform.  

Responsibilities of the position would include, but are not limited to: leading flavor creation efforts to ensure the competitiveness of its citrus palette, develop sustainable and right value flavoring solutions that meet today's challenges and represent the company's publicity to global and regional customers. 

The ideal candidate would be a board certified flavorist with 15 years of experience who has a B.S. or B.A.+ in food science, chemistry, engineering, other related science or mathematics. Additionally, multi-lingual candidates are desired and they must be able to travel 20-30% of the time. 

To find more information about the position. click here to see the full job posting and details for consideration. 

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