MedReleaf Launches Cannabis-Flavored Beer

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Hops growing on the vine

MedReleaf Corp. has released San Rafael ’71, a recreational cannabis beer brand that has an IPA flavor profile with citrus and cannabis hints. 

Bitter Pairings: Hops and Cannabis

Per the company, the beer includes a traditional bitter Indian Pale Ale (IPA) flavor profile with a twist of cannabis and citrus flavors. Currently, the product is available on tap at more than 40 GTA locations and will be available in cans starting February 12, 2018.  

"Our award-winning team created a flavor profile using a unique blend of citrus and summit hops and specialty malts that gives a nod to the cannabis experience with peach and pine aromas giving way to spice and mild bitterness," noted Jeff Carefoote, CEO of Amsterdam Brewing.

A Smoking Market

Along with the growth of the edibles market, the cannabis-flavored beverage market is seeing more launches, especially in the realm of alcoholic beverages. Last year saw the release of Lagunitas Brewing’s SuperCritical IPA, an earthy flavored cannabis beer with hints of citrus and pine. Earlier that year, The Tinley Collective launched a line of cannabis-infused spirits, including a rum, amaretto, a cinnamon whiskey and a margarita cocktail RTD beverage.

“MedReleaf intends to fortify and extend its leadership position in the industry beyond the medical market. The launch of San Rafael '71 is the first of many steps on this front including a portfolio of brands and products that leverage the company's award-winning product selection, quality and innovation," said Neil Closner, CEO of MedReleaf.