Exploring Engineered Microorganisms for Flavor Production

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Comparing the environmental impact and benefits between engineered microorganisms vs. traditional methods.

Synthetic biology is changing the F&F game in terms of production by offering increases in yield and facilitating the downstream process. With challenges in sourcing and quality control, engineered microorganisms can offer flavorists a plethora of benefits in the production process.

During Flavorcon Virtual 2021, "Sustainable Flavors: Reevaluating Traditional Production Methods," features Dmitry Bachin, Ph.D., who will discuss the advantages of using engineered microorganisms for flavor production. Here are some presentation highlights:

  • Silico R&D: Computer simulations save time and resources
  • Compare bacterial production vs. traditional production methods
  • Explore the environmental impact of microbial cell factories

Dmitry Bachin, Ph.D., Bioprocess and Software Engineer, EV Biotech

Dmitry Bachin, Ph.D., acquired an MSc in plant physiology (2013) from Lomonosov Moscow State University, and a Ph.D. in plant physiology and biochemistry (2017) from the Institute of Plant Physiology (Russian Academy of Sciences). Bachin’s dream has always been to create something which would be used by others and help people to improve their lives. At the same time, Bachin is passionate about biology and enjoys programming.

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