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Creating ‘Natural’ Value With Steve Pringle at Flavorcon 2019

To discuss how brands can create value with naturals, Steve Pringle, VP global mint and Sensates® group for Takasago International Corp., will be presenting at Flavorcon 2019.

Health Care Flavors 101 with Procter & Gamble’s Kavin Morgan

Kavin Morgan, global health care flavor section head for Procter & Gamble (P&G), will discuss the challenges and opportunities to creating health care and oral care flavors at Flavorcon 2019.

Breaking the Bitterness Boundary

In this literature review, we look at ways to break past bitterness and some of the latest research in understanding the sensory phenomenon.

Forward Thinking: Haste Makes Waste

Consumers’ growing concerns, sustainably sourced ingredients, water reduction, green packaging, recycling and upcycling are all driving sustainable innovation in consumer packaged goods.

Flavor Bites: trans-2, cis-6 Nonadienal

With a powerful green, cucumber aroma, trans-2, cis-6 nonadienal can add a fresh character to a range of flavor applications.

There’s Chemistry in Them Chili Peppers!

This article describes the chemistry behind the flavor, aroma, and pungency of chili peppers to assist in flavor creation.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials - April 2019

This month’s column features discussions on spike lavender oil organic, 3-methylthio-1-hexanol, piperonal natural and more.

Editor's Note: Nature’s Sensory Bounty

One of the most valuable aspects of the F&F industry is its close proximity to the natural world and the hands that cultivate, distill and formulate its essences. How are you telling these stories to the world?

Axxence Aromatic's Natural trans-2, cis-6-Nonadienal, 1% in ethanol or triacetine

This ingredient is an EU natural and comes from 100% sustainable sources.

Bedoukian Research's Vionil (10% in Dipropylene Glycol) - BRI 640DPG

This ingredient provides an intense green floral character and subtle notes of walnut.

Isobionics bv's Natural Beta-Bisabolene

This ingredient provides a typical citrus-like, green and flowery odors and is kosher, halal, halal, EU natural, US natural and food grade.

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