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Le Herbe Names World's First Master Blender of Cannabis Beverages

Because the legalization of cannabis is becoming a reality, there are a growing number of advances in the way that it is being consumed.

In Memoriam: Richard Micchelli

Richard Micchelli, 79, has passed away at the St. Clare’s Hospital in Dover, New Jersey

How are Pets, Millennials and Essential Oils Shaping F&F?

This year's Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce (WFFC) Fall Seminar featured an array of speakers discussing the flourishing pet care market, as well as holistic health and the rising influence of millennials.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: October 2016

Green tea oil, parsley seed oil, cognac oil, ethyl cyclopentenolone natural and more.

Endpoint. Moving Past Both Empty Wrappers and Science

How can our businesses ensure consumers receive the right information when choosing products? Perhaps it's time we use our senses to find out.

Forward Thinking: Waste Not, Want Not

Food waste initiatives, consumers' behavior, zero-waste grocers and restaurants, and the sale of "ugly" produce are driving food waste management and reduction.

Flavor Bites: Two Thiazoles

2-Isobutyl thiazole is sulfury and green, reminiscent of tomato foliage.

The Desire for Asian Fire Spreads Throughout U.S.

Asian flavors continue to trend throughout the U.S. with Japanese and Chinese flavors along with fusion cuisine to appeal to U.S. favorites.

12 Flavors From Around the World That Should Be on Your Radar

First there was Sriracha, now there is sambal. These are the up-and-coming flavors that chefs are using.

Sour to Sweet: Miracle Berry Makes Red Wine Taste Better

Make cheap red wine taste more expensive with the new miracle berry, which transforms wines to have a fuller, rounder flavor.

White Chocolate Spells Success For Peeps and Hershey’s

Peeps and Hershey’s introduced their new flavor trends for the year, satisfying consumers with a maple brown sugar and white chocolate Peep and a birthday cake Hershey’s Kiss.

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