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Baby Food Market Booms With Organic Launches

Lifestyle changes among mothers and a rise in product demand are driving growth within the baby food market, marked by natural and organic flavors.

Going Algae Green With Nonfood's Snack Bar

Nonfood has released the second version of its sustainable snack bar, Nonbar, which includes a light texture and added sweetness from monk fruit.

Mmmm Donuts … Millennials Crave Bold Bakery Flavors

Bold flavors are gaining ground in the donut segment, as younger consumers are more adventurous in their tastes.

Just Cookie Dough Skips the Egg

Food brand Just has released a chocolate mint flavor of its snackable cookie dough, which is created with natural flavors and no eggs.

It’s A Mystery With Sparkling Ice Beverage

Sparkling water brand Sparkling Ice has released a limited-edition mystery flavor of its lightly carbonated and naturally flavored beverage.

You Can Pickle That: Symrise Conducts Ferment Study

Researchers found an increase in the appearance of “fermented” on restaurant menus, and significant growth of food and beverage products utilizing fermented ingredients.

Bob Dylan Is Knock, Knock, Knocking Into Whiskey Segment

In collaboration with Spirits Investment Partnership, Bob Dylan is knocking into the whiskey category with a collection of three beverages.

Coffee-Mate natural bliss Releases RTD Cold Brews

Tapping into the popular beverage category, Coffee-mate has released a line of cold brew coffees.

Koios Beverage Releases 4 Flavors of its Functional Beverage

Koios Beverage has released new flavors of its functional beverage, which includes lion’s mane mushrooms and L-theanine.

Destilla Inspires Dairy Flavor Creations With Sample Series

Destilla’s latest dairy sample series pays homage to regional cocktails and popular beverages with sweet and savory flavors.

Smirnoff Launches Rosé Red Spiked Sparkling Water

Smirnoff has released its latest flavor of spiked sparkling water, raspberry rosé, taking after growing demand for the flavor.

Ketel One Blossoms into Botanical Beverage Category

In an effort to appeal to health-conscious consumers, Ketel One has released its latest line of botanical vodkas with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

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