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The Role of Microorganisms and Enzymes in Traditional and Vegan Flavor Profiles

As demand for plant-based alternatives continue to grow, it’s important to consider the role thermal processing and microorganisms play in creating traditional dairy flavors, so we can continue to evolve vegan flavor profiles.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials - March 2019

This month’s column features discussions on bitter orange essence oil, cassia oil Vietnam, 2,6-dimethyl-5-hepten-1-ol natural, coffee isolate and more.

Flavor Bites: Geranyl acetate

Containing a dominant rose note underlaid with fruity nuances, geranyl acetate is ideal for a range of floral, citrus, tropical fruit, berry and other flavor applications.

Editor's Note: The Art of Natural

This issue, we feature a few articles on the latest research in naturals, from extraction to authentication. We also explore the roles that microorganism and thermal processing play in dairy flavors and how these enzymes can be used to develop tasty vegan flavors

Bell Appoints David Banks Marketing Director

Banks joins the company with over 25 years of marketing experience, working for such companies as Givaudan, Mane, Kerry, Coors Brewing and Sara Lee.

Implementing Sustainability at NAFFS' 2019 Winter Meeting

The 2019 NAFFS winter meeting featured a panel discussion on the importance of sustainable business practices from several industry professionals.

[Update] Givaudan Cooks Up Partnership With The Kitchen, Interview with Fabio Campanile

P&F interviews Fabio Campanile on the partnership that will allow Givaudan to share its capabilities with Israelian food technology entrepreneurs.

[Video] A Taste of Digital Flavors at Flavorcon 2018

Is digital the future of flavor? At Flavorcon 2018, Nimesha Ranasinghe, Ph.D., presented his virtual cocktail, which simulates tastes sensation through a digital medium.

IFF Releases Full 2018 Financial Results

For the 2018 fiscal year, the company saw net sales reach $4 billion, an increase of 17% from the prior year.

Firmenich's Gilbert Ghostine Recognized With Global CEO Award

Gilbert Ghostine received CEO Today's 2019 Global CEO Award for his commitment to sustainable business development and leadership.

Now Hiring: Process Lab Technologist 1 at Flavor Producers

The process lab technologist will utilize various technologies to support product development through all its stages, assist production and work closely with QC.

3 Articles You Might Have Missed in P&F February 2019

The Feb. 2019 issue of P&F features discussions on the CBD market, jasmine sources and ingredients and how to create cold and RTD coffee flavors.

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