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Kit Kat Gets Ruby Red

Based on the recently introduced ruby chocolate, Nestlé Japan Ltd has launched a Kit Kat chocolate bar with the ruby cocoa bean.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials February 2018

This month’s column features discussions on oak concentrate, spearmint absolute, natural y-octalactone, natural nonalactone, 3-mercapto-3-methyl-1-butanol and more.

The Essence of Good RTD Tea: It’s All About the Flavor

Due to its convenience in its RTD form, as well as its natural ingredients and health benefits, tea’s growth is driving the beverage category.

Mountain Dew Debuts New Flavor, MTN Dew Ice

PepsiCo has announced the release of MTN Dew Ice, a clear, lemon-lime soft drink, which will join the family of other Mountain Dew products.

Across Generations, Flavors Drive Yogurt Purchases

"Berry" and "tropical" flavors are a hit with children and adults alike.

New Can, New Flavors: Diet Coke Relaunches

In an effort to appeal to millennials, The Coca-Cola company has relaunched its Diet Coke brand, with new packaging and flavors.

Ben & Jerry’s Kicks Off 2018 With Truffle Flavors

Ben & Jerry’s has revealed its 2018 lineup of ice cream flavors, which include truffle-inspired ice creams and non-dairy flavors.

Beyond Meat: Jack Link’s Enters Chips Market

Protein snack company Jack Link’s has released its Jack Link’s Pork Rinds, in an effort to expand its product portfolio to include chips.

Green Biologics Receives Halal and Kosher Certifications

“These certifications are becoming popular, not only for those with religious motivations, but also to the wider market as they are being used as an effective method for identifying high quality goods.”

7-Eleven Gets In on Better-For-You Beverages

7-Eleven has released GO!Smart juices, a series of cold pressed juices, in response to consumer health trends.

Sonic Drive-In Taps Sparkling Water Trend

Sonic Drive-In has released a flavored sparkling water beverage in an effort to attract health-conscious consumers.

Don’t Have A Cow: Milk Markets Move

A recent Mintel report took a look at the dairy and non-dairy milk markets, showing that flavor and variety are helping grow the market.

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