Thinking Holistically at WPC With Eric Korman of Phlur

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Eric Korman, WPC speakerEric Korman, founder and CEO of Phlur

At WPC 2018, the fragrance industry will explore a holistic approach to the fragrance supply chain. Eric Korman, CEO and founder of Phlur, will share his perspective in his keynote presentation “Reimagining Fragrance, From Product to Purchase,” on June 7, 2018.  

From the retail space to marketing and sampling, these drivers are all a part of telling the multisensory story for conscious consumers. Taking from his unique experience with developing products for Phlur, Korman will discuss these key drivers behind the company's success and what's next for the brand.

“Fragrance has the power to elevate every moment of someone’s day, from the most melancholy to the most joyful. Yet the majesty of that power is often overshadowed by celebrities, designers and a general lack of transparency about how and why fragrances are made," said Korman. "I set out to change all that, questioning everything from ingredients to distribution, as we launched our values-based brand in 2016. I’m excited and honored to share all of that at the WPC this year."

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