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Dec 08, 2014 | 10:13 AM CST

The Fragrance Foundation Arabia Award Winners 2014

Excellence in fragrance honored.

Dec 08, 2014 | 09:11 AM CST

FFS Receives Top Scores on Level 2 SQF Audit

Flavor & Fragrance Specialties Inc. has scored 98% out of 100% on its recent Level 2 Safe Quality Foods (SQF) audit.

Dec 08, 2014 | 08:30 AM CST

Naturex Strengthens Latin American Position By Opening Chilean Unit

Guillaume Levade, sales director – Latin America is heading the sales office, which will support the development of three strategic markets: food and beverage, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals, as well as cosmetics.

Dec 04, 2014 | 10:25 AM CST

Mane Launches Soy Off-note Masking Technology

Focused on preservation of sensory and textural facets of meat products containing vegetable protein.

Dec 03, 2014 | 10:49 AM CST

Subscriber Alert: Perfumer & Flavorist December 2014 Issue Now Live

This month, P&F focuses on air care trends, including seasonal scents, aromatherapy, naturals, scent marketing and more.

Dec 02, 2014 | 09:19 AM CST

The Lermond Company Announces Opening

Women-owned supplier of F&F raw materials.

Dec 02, 2014 | 07:33 AM CST

Mane Takes Majority Stake in Kancor

India-France partnership focuses on food and beverage ingredients for the global market.

Dec 01, 2014 | 11:07 AM CST

Apiscent Labs Launches New Website

Site invites visitors to learn about the company, highlights areas of expertise.

Dec 01, 2014 | 11:03 AM CST

Naturex 9 Mo Net Down 39% Amid Tough Nutrition and Health Market

Naturex faced a continuing adverse global economic environment, exacerbated mainly by worsening market conditions for nutrition and health in the United States for the first nine months of fiscal 2014.

Dec 01, 2014 | 10:32 AM CST

CPL Perfumers Gathered for a Week of Creativity in South America

The CPL Aromas worldwide team of creative perfumers gathered in Bogota Colombia during November for the biennial perfumers conference organized to promote creativity and idea exchange among the company’s worldwide perfumery team.