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Sensient Sues DSM

Posted: August 22, 2007

Sensient Technologies Corp. (Milwaukee) has filed a federal lawsuit against Royal DSM NV for trademark infringement, alleging that DSM has deliberately imitated Sensient’s trade names and logo in marketing a new line of yeast-based food ingredients. At the heart of the issue is a new line that DSM has named Sensarite, a range of “taste potentiators” that can be used to cut salt in products, as well as intensify and balance flavor profiles.

Sensient believes Sensarite is too similar to its own already launched product—Sensirome. In addition, Sensirome is also yeast based and low sodium. Sensient also says that the Sensarite logo uses colors similar to those in the Sensient logo and, like the Sensient logo, includes a wavy line.

Sensient wants a judge to bar DSM from using the Sensarite name and logo, order the Dutch firm to hand over all printed material with the name, and award damages. A hearing on a preliminary injunction has been set for December 14. However, Sensient has already won an interim battle in late July when Federal Judge Charles Clevert Jr. ordered DSM not to unveil its new product under the Sensarite name at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago.