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Personal Fragrance Creation Online

Posted: November 22, 2006

A custom fragrance designing Web site has been launched at www.scentdesign.net. The site allows women and men to create their own, one of a kind, individual fragrance oil. With 50 commonly recognized base fragrances, customers are able to blend as many as 10 million different scents. Although the customers are blending fragrances without direct contact to the ingredients, each fragrance on the site is described in detail and a variety of tips and suggestions for successful fragrance creation are provided. Additionally, the site provides a list of descriptions and recipes created by other customers, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of different fragrance mixtures.

Of the new Web site, Scentdesign.net’s president Stephen Jackson said, “ScentDesign allows our customers to create personal products that are limited only by their imagination. We have a continually growing list of popular blends that can provide a baseline or a place to start, or you can simply imagine and create your own scent from scratch. Because this is an atypical way of creating and shopping for fragrance, it lets consumers expand their imagination and focus on elements and smells they know they love.”