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Oct 07, 2015 | 10:43 AM CDT

Givaudan Opens Perfumery Hub and School in Singapore

Givaudan reaches future perfumers of Asia by opening a perfumery school and production center in Singapore.

Oct 07, 2015 | 09:49 AM CDT

Firmenich Releases FY15 Performance Report

Firmenich reports significant growth in its FY15 performance report.

Oct 06, 2015 | 03:36 PM CDT

Kerry Group Opens New Flavor Facility

Kerry Group opens a €100M flavor facility in Ireland.

Oct 05, 2015 | 12:28 PM CDT

Science Group Acquires Leatherhead Food Research

Science Group announces its purchase of Leatherhead Food Research.

Oct 05, 2015 | 11:34 AM CDT

Takasago de Mexico Hosts Kanagawa University Students in Training Trip

Takasago de Mexico S.A. hosts Kanagawa University students to explore Latin American trends and influence in the fragrance and food flavor industry.

Oct 05, 2015 | 09:42 AM CDT

abelei flavors Adds New Production Facility

abelei flavors builds a new addition to expand product development.

Sep 30, 2015 | 11:34 AM CDT

Solvay Celebrates 25 Years of American Vanillin

Solvay is celebrating 25 years of making vanillin in the USA.

Sep 29, 2015 | 02:57 PM CDT

Solvay Celebrates Rhovanil Vanillin’s 25th Year

Vanillin flavoring

Solvay celebrated a quarter of a century anniversary of the ingredient, Rhovanil vanillin.

Sep 17, 2015 | 02:13 PM CDT

MG Gülçiçek Opens World's Largest Fragrance Plant

MG Gülçiçek invests in new 45,000 square meter facility.

Sep 15, 2015 | 09:29 AM CDT

Brenntag Acquires Istanbul-based Parkoteks Kimya San

Brenntag expands its chemical distribution brand by acquiring Istanbul-based, Parkoteks Kimya San, a specialty chemicals distributor.