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Citrus Creations opening

Posted: October 10, 2016
Location: Winter Haven, Florida, USA


Are you passionate and looking for a creative opportunity to explore innovative uses of citrus essential oils and citrus derived natural ingredients? Florida Chemical Company, Inc. has open positions on our Citrus Creations Team who will be challenged with investigating ways to fully explore the potential uses of citrus ingredients. They will work to understand the variety of outlets for using these ingredients in a flavor and fragrance market that is demanding new and creative natural options.

Florida Chemical Company, Inc. has a long history in the citrus industry. We have been pioneers of citrus products since 1942 and are always looking for additional opportunities to push the boundaries of traditional uses of citrus products. Our state of the art production facility is located in the heart of the Citrus Belt in Winter Haven, Florida. We offer an excellent benefits package and are looking to find the right candidates to add to our “family”.

We are looking for people who understand the basics of how products interact in a variety of food and fragrance matrices and are willing to investigate how we can use our current and future product lines more effectively. Expectations include a willingness to try a variety of options, come up with resourceful, creative solutions, the ability to clearly communicate those that offer the most success, and, the mindset to work productively with a variety of internal departments. Do you have a desire to push yourself creatively and explore new challenges in creating new natural products? Submit your resume to to schedule a time to discuss how your skill set compliments our creative endeavors.

Company: Florida Chemical Company, Inc.

Featured Resume

Senior Perfumer currently seeking to join a fragrance firm

Posted: September 09, 2016
Preferred Location: East Coast of USA and open to travel
Name: David Basile


David Basile, Senior Perfumer currently seeking to join a fragrance firm as an experienced perfumer with over thirty-six years in the fragrance industry. I am available to help your firm with any fragrance related challenge by providing my expertise in the following areas:

  • Air care fragrances, including candles
  • Personal care fragrances, both mass market & niche
  • Fragrances for household & laundry care products
  • Natural fragrances with or w/o organics
  • Fragrance duplications
  • Customer technical support / Stability / QC related issues

I have served several fragrance supply houses including FlavorScents Inc., Belmay Inc., Charabot US, Trilogy Fragrances (C&A) and Bell Flavors & Fragrances Inc., as well as two global consumer product companies; Colgate-Palmolive and Unilever (Lever Brothers). In each case, I was hired for my proven creative abilities, serious work ethic and passion for fragrances. Combined, these experiences afforded me a unique perspective on what it takes to create winning fragrances, which I have accomplished many times throughout my career.

My methodology has always been to utilize my vast perfumery knowledge base, infused with my passion and experience to create fragrances for products ranging from the traditional, to unique prototype product forms. My ultimate goal is to make your customers product(s) smell immensely desirable and do so within your specifications and time/ cost parameters. Finally, I know that I can bring a level of practicality, pragmatism to all challenges you may face as a fragrance supplier.

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