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Senior Perfumer

Posted: May 23, 2016
Location: Guatemala


Perfumer with more than 15 years of experience in the development and creation of functional fragrances for home care, personal care and fine fragrances.

Fully bilingual in English and Spanish language, with commercial and technical vision.

Willing to live in Guatemala and travel around Latin America when is required.

We offer privileged position in a medium size company with growth potential, competitive salary, excellent working environment and housing in one of the most exclusive and paradisiacal areas of the country, with transport and insurance included.

Interviews will be made in WPC 2016 (Miami), if interested write to the email address below to schedule.


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Seeking Entry Level Position in Flavor/Fragrance Development

Posted: April 13, 2016
Preferred Location: All of USA. Willing to relocate to Canada, Europe
Name: Walter Zielenski


I am a student in chemical engineering expecting to graduate in May of 2016, and I'm seeking out a position in flavor or fragrance development. I have held internships in the past in flavor creation and encapsulation research, as well as consumer product fragrance analysis. Upon obtaining my first internship in the industry, I was absolutely captivated by the field. Finding myself in a position to develop and create the compositions used in foods or fragrant products once I graduate is my greatest goal as a student; I've already taken steps toward learning the types of raw ingredients used in the industry in my free time.

I have experience in the lab, both academically and professionally, and experience with GC, NMR, and MS. As a newly hired member of any creation team, I wish to bring a new creative perspective to apply to my projects, dovetailed with my engineering savvy to create cost effective yet delicious flavors. As a recent graduate, I would not be averse to moving for work.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or email for any additional information.


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