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Food Oil Flavor Scientist

Posted: October 28, 2014
Location: San Francisco, CA USA


About the Job:

Muufri is reinventing the way milk is produced industrially. We believe that factory farms, artificial insemination, and automated milking machines are not the way to go. They're bad for cows, they're bad for the planet, and they fail to address the inefficiency inherent to animal farming. If milk were invented today, how would we make it? How would we produce enough to feed the whole world?

We're hard at work answering these questions - and in the process, designing the milk platform that will feed the world for centuries to come. If you want to join us, we'd love to talk!

Muufri has been featured in National Geographic, The Washington Post, and New Scientist, and is backed by Li Ka-shing, the wealthiest man in Asia.


  • Location: San Francisco
  • Salary: Competitive salary & benefits, including healthcare.

Candidates for this position will have an advanced degree in food science, chemistry, or a related field, and a proven record of research innovation. The job requires a comprehensive understanding of triglyceride chemistry, as well as expertise in food science characterization techniques. Industrial experience or post-doctoral experience is a plus. The successful candidate will lead the milk fat team to create different milk fat recipes for different dairy products, including novel flavor profiles.


  • Manage assigned projects and monitor progress to ensure targets are met
  • Lead fats team to work cross-functionally between scientific and engineering teams
  • Create new design & methods to characterize and optimize fat compositions
  • Participate in pilot and field trial testing of the new developed products
  • Design and implement new laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and protocol
  • Perform aroma and taste research.
  • Develop systematic plan for sourcing botanical/food samples with desirable flavor or taste properties.
  • Conduct sensory or other bio-activity guided separation and identification of aroma and taste active components using chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques (with focus on mass spectroscopy).
  • Provide technical and scientific oversight of analytical/natural products research.
  • Keep accurate records, analyze data, draw conclusions, and recommend appropriate actions.

Desired Experience:

  • Ph.D. in natural product chemistry or analytical chemistry with one to three years relevant (industry) experience or M.S. degree and 5+ years relevant (industry) experience.
  • Interpretation skills of NMR and MS spectra.
  • Advanced experience in modern chromatographic (MPLC, HPLC), preparative and semi-preparative isolations of minor components from complex mixtures.
  • Extensive experience in flavor research or relevant food chemistry.
  • Experience in: computer aided data processing, mass spectra libraries, and NMR databases and statistical tools.
  • Must feel comfortable working in a team environment and excellent people skills are essential.
  • Familiarity with sensory evaluation principles/methods is a plus.
    • To apply for this position: (Please put PerfumerFlavorist in the subject)

      Company: Muufri

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Seeking a 6-month internship in the fragrance field to begin in spring 2015

Posted: October 14, 2014
Preferred Location: North America preferred, but open to any geographical location
Name: Katerina Juskey


I am passionate about fragrance and cosmetics, and I am seeking a 6-month internship in the field to begin in spring 2015. I am very interested in working within a fragrance evaluation department or as a perfumer trainee.

I have a dual competency Master in Cosmetics & Fragrance from the Institut Superieur de l'industrie du Parfum (ISIPCA) in France and the University of Padova in Italy, in addition to a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from Queen's University, Canada. My previous experience includes a QA Chemist role at Estee Lauder and several interning positions at several cosmetics and fragrance companies. I would prefer to work in North America, but I am open to any geographical location. Please view resume for more information.

View Resume (PDF, 111 KB)