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Seeking entry level position as a perfumer’s technician/assistant

Posted: January 29, 2015
Name: Andrew Joseph Everett


I am seeking an entry level position as a perfumer’s technician/assistant. My extensive background has provided me with a breadth of experience that will make me an excellent addition to the perfuming industry. As a gallery director, I have learned to designate tasks, implement creative decisions, and follow through timely on expectations and responsibilities. Furthermore, living in Europe has afforded me a unique perspective on a variety of cultures, along with the influences of sensory perception. Since then, I have made a successful early career dedicated to the visual arts, continually building a dynamic and international resume. However, what you won't find in my resume are the personal characteristics that underpin my career success and increase my value as a potential employee. My best attributes are a strong work ethic and enthusiasm, driven by my creative passion. Co-workers and clients would say I am reliable and that I will always see projects through to fruition. Employers would say my work always exceeds expectations and is executed timely and thoroughly. Recently I have made a career shift from visual to olfactory, spending the past two years devoting my time and resources to manufacturing natural and synthetic fragrances. Given my responsible and thorough nature, my creative drive, and the determination to succeed, I am confident that my skills and energy will contribute greatly to a proven leader in the perfuming industry. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you further regarding a potential opportunity.

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