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Creative/Analytical Perfumer needed

Posted: September 08, 2014
Location: New York area


New York area fragrance house is looking for a creative/analytical perfumer. The successful candidate will have a proven track record of developing fragrances for home care, personal care, and candles and possess a comprehensive understanding of the use of synthetic and natural fragrance ingredients. Experience with GCMS would be a plus.

The successful candidate will join a fast paced, small to medium size company where everyone’s presence makes an immediate difference. Retirees and/or part timers are welcome to apply.

Send resume in confidence to the address below.

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Recent Graduate: Chemistry Major seeking Flavor Industry Career

Posted: September 18, 2014
Preferred Location: no preference/ willing to move
Name: Schuyler Tang


I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in chemistry earnestly hoping to get involved in the flavoring industry. I write to request that you consider me the instant you have an opening for a flavorist trainee, as I am utterly devoted to exploring flavor chemistry as a career option. I love trying to identify flavors and fragrances that certain foods have in common, and I would be enthralled by the opportunity to launch my career in an industry that sits at the interface between my two passions: chemistry and food.

I have excellent communication skills as a result of my teaching experiences in addition to the ability to contribute to team efforts, a skill I further developed while completing consulting projects in the Summer Business Accelerator Program. My experience with instrumentation and lab equipment stems from lab coursework in analytical, organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry as well as from undergraduate research on protein and nucleoside adducts. In situ, I have used GC, HPLC, MS, NMR, spectrophotometry, and a number of other methods to identify, quantify, separate, and otherwise characterize analytes. I have little experience with coding, but I would describe myself as very computer savvy and quick-to-learn. For example, earlier this year I was able to bring myself up to a working knowledge of MATLAB in time for the completion of several assignments involving statistical calculations with extensive datasets.

I have a quantitatively-oriented mindset (scored 99.0th percentile on quantitative reasoning section of the dental admissions test) with plenty of room for creativity where appropriate (recorded cello backtracks for an album put out by my sister). I am a US citizen and more than willing to move; I find Florida’s humidity intolerable.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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