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Posted: May 31, 2016
Location: Carol Stream, IL


Primarily responsible for technical activities associated with development of new and existing flavor lines. Apply flavor development skills, project management skills to create and match new flavors as requested by our customers or to meet the strategies of Prinova Flavor Division. Perform all duties following established laboratory procedures and establish and document new procedures as necessary. Mentor Junior Flavorist thru flavorist certification process.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Participate in the identification and, installation and operation analytical equipment.

  • GC-MS
  • Flashpoint
  • Specific Gravity Meter, pH Meter, etc.
  • General laboratory supplies

Identify, source and maintain a raw material both natural and synthetic to be used in the development of new flavors.

Maintain a flavor library of existing Prinova raw materials to include most current required supporting documentation of Finished Product Specification, Safety Data Sheet, Allergen Statement, Country of Origin, Kosher Certificate and Statement of Continuing Guarantee, and Nutritional and other documentation deemed necessary.

Establish and develop additional flavors to meet the requirements of project requests within a reasonable timeframe that meets the needs of our customer and divisional strategies. Provide direct and ongoing communication with customers and sales representatives regarding project tracking/status and completion timeline.

Conduct all development applying established Prinova product development procedures, establish and document new procedures as necessary. Ensure that Junior Flavorist and Flavor Compounders follow procedures when creating and compounding flavors under Flavorist directions.

Identify and develop working relationship with manufacturing partner(s). Participate in ongoing flavor training and professional organizations to stay current with new developments and trends in the flavor industry.

Provide technical and sensory training of flavor raw materials to Flavor Applications and Quality staff. Mentor and provide flavor development training of Junior Flavorist to become Certified Flavorist. Conduct and participate in sensory panels to determine the level of product duplication or acceptance as a match and that material both raw and finished comply with sensory standards.

Provide technical support and advise production on the commercialization and scale up of new flavors and flavor manufacturing processes.

Continue to build successful, profitable flavor business within the framework of Prinova.

Other duties as deemed necessary by President, President, Flavor Division or Business Manager

Supervisory Responsibilities Mentor Junior Flavorist to qualify for Certified Flavorist status.

Education and/or Experience Fifth year college or university program certificate; or five to eight years related experience and/or training.

Safety Responsibilities It is the responsibility of each employee to comply with occupational safety and health standards issued under OSHA and to follow all rules, regulations, and procedures established by the Company to ensure that their actions do not impact the health and safety of themselves or others.

Company: Prinova
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Seeking Entry Level Position in Flavor/Fragrance Development

Posted: April 13, 2016
Preferred Location: All of USA. Willing to relocate to Canada, Europe
Name: Walter Zielenski


I am a student in chemical engineering expecting to graduate in May of 2016, and I'm seeking out a position in flavor or fragrance development. I have held internships in the past in flavor creation and encapsulation research, as well as consumer product fragrance analysis. Upon obtaining my first internship in the industry, I was absolutely captivated by the field. Finding myself in a position to develop and create the compositions used in foods or fragrant products once I graduate is my greatest goal as a student; I've already taken steps toward learning the types of raw ingredients used in the industry in my free time.

I have experience in the lab, both academically and professionally, and experience with GC, NMR, and MS. As a newly hired member of any creation team, I wish to bring a new creative perspective to apply to my projects, dovetailed with my engineering savvy to create cost effective yet delicious flavors. As a recent graduate, I would not be averse to moving for work.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or email for any additional information.


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