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Senior Organic Chemist

Posted: July 19, 2016
Location: Oakdale, Louisiana, USA



Natural Advantage is a leading manufacturer of top quality natural kosher flavor ingredients for the food, beverage and flavor industries. Natural Advantage is committed to delivering excellence in research, development, and scale-up of unique, signature ingredients for our clients at an outstanding value. We provide specialty flavor compounds, trigeminal effects, customer specific and exclusive research, development and products.


Participate in the R&D group consisting of 10 scientists. The incumbent will develop and transfer processes to Production. Compensation depending on education and experience


  • Learn Processes commonly used at Natural Advantage.
  • Extrapolate current processes to new Natural Flavor and Fragrance materials.
  • Develop new processes for new target molecules and natural fraction from essential oils and fermentation broths.
  • Must be a team player, as well as self-motivated


    • PhD in Organic Chemistry or BS in Chemistry with experience
    • 5-10 years in the flavor and fragrance industry or related experience
    • Reports to President and CEO

    Benefits: Full package of medical, vacation, relocation expenses, 401-K, performance based compensation

    Company: Natural Advantage, LLC
    Contact Person: Todd Ardoin

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Seeking Entry Level Position in Flavor/Fragrance Development

Posted: April 13, 2016
Preferred Location: All of USA. Willing to relocate to Canada, Europe
Name: Walter Zielenski


I am a student in chemical engineering expecting to graduate in May of 2016, and I'm seeking out a position in flavor or fragrance development. I have held internships in the past in flavor creation and encapsulation research, as well as consumer product fragrance analysis. Upon obtaining my first internship in the industry, I was absolutely captivated by the field. Finding myself in a position to develop and create the compositions used in foods or fragrant products once I graduate is my greatest goal as a student; I've already taken steps toward learning the types of raw ingredients used in the industry in my free time.

I have experience in the lab, both academically and professionally, and experience with GC, NMR, and MS. As a newly hired member of any creation team, I wish to bring a new creative perspective to apply to my projects, dovetailed with my engineering savvy to create cost effective yet delicious flavors. As a recent graduate, I would not be averse to moving for work.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or email for any additional information.


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