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6 Industry Experts on Flavor & Fragrance Innovation

Posted: June 26, 2007

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To Cargill Flavor Systems general manager (Americas) Imre Havasi’s thinking, “The rapidly increasing spending power in Asia and Latin America will have a big effect on retail products and therefore our industry.” drom fragrances president Ferdinand Storp concurs. “Getting used to new tastes, attitudes and lifestyles will be the future,” he says. “We need to get in the right mindset and need to be open to accept this."

Additional Notes 

  • Storp: “I also believe biotechnology and genetic engineering will be areas to explore. We tend to get stuck and live with things from the past, but the future will be to challenge these ways and really create something new.” 
  • Maubert also notes the direct employment of perfumers by fragrance industry customers, which is changing the business. “…Fragrance suppliers must reach deeper into accounts and commit to working more intimately with those perfumers,” he says.