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6 Industry Experts on Flavor & Fragrance Innovation

Posted: June 26, 2007

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Hughes concludes that companies will need to rely on reputation to succeed in the natural and organic qualities. “Similar to the way investors seek the shares of reliable, quality companies in difficult economic times,” he says, “so too the food and beverage industry will increasingly look toward long-standing trustworthy suppliers, especially in the wake of recent issues relating to ingredients from developing countries.”

For Philippe Maubert, CEO of Robertet, these ingredients—existing and new—could be in danger due to growing regulatory pressures. Such issues, he explains, drive R&D regulatory budgets to climb. “This is important and necessary work,” Maubert says, “but it will continue to divert resources away from the industry’s core research activity, which is to innovate and continually commercialize novel raw materials.”

Functional Foods

“With the increase in the number of health conscious consumers,” says T. Hasegawa president and CEO Tokujiro Hasegawa, “we are seeing a big trend in the so-called ‘functional foods’ area. In Japan, this trend started out with the green tea products and now it has expanded into the oolong tea and black tea segments. We expect this trend to expand into the sports drink areas, nutritional and supplement areas and even into the sauces and mayonnaise food segments.”

Hughes believes this trend provides the flavor industry with many new opportunities: “As more food and beverage companies look to add beneficial ingredients (ginseng, green tea, Echinacea, etc.) there is a need for expertise in masking the off notes these may impart.”