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Mountain Savory Oil

Savory oil of commerce is known to be produced from both Satureja hortensis L. and Satureja montana L. This latter member of the Lamiaceae is a perennial taxon that can exist in numerous subspecies forms, although the one commonly used for oil production is S. montana L. subsp. montana, which can be found growing from Spain to southern Albania.

Chizzola (2003) examined the compositions of the volatiles of four populations of S. montana from France. The populations were collected from Utelle (Alpes-Maritime at 830–850 m), Rougon (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence at 950 m), Mont Ventou (Vaucluse at 1080–1090 m) and Plateau de Gras (Ardéche at 210 m). The first three populations were found growing in the pre-Alps limestone region, while the fourth was growing west of the Rhone on a limestone plateau.

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