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Arctander Book Newly Reprinted

Posted: December 21, 2007

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ISBN-10: 0-931710-36-7/ ISBN-13: 978-0-931710-36-0

Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin contains practical descriptions of available materials, their origin, production and processing, appearance, odor and flavor type, evaluation, application and availability with brief notes on their main constituents, replacements and most common adulterants. All known natural essential oils, extracts and oleoresins are presented. Each entry also includes: 

  • Monographs 
  • Practical physical data 
  • Appearance 
  • Odor 
  • Flavor type 
  • Botanical information
  • Detailed odor and flavor descriptions 
  • Suggested uses 
  • Literature references 
  • Safety and regulatory informaiton


Arctander’s book is the most important reference on natural fragrance materials. His understanding of the nuances of scented material is unequalled, and he knows how to convey those subtleties to the reader in comparison to odors with which the reader is already familiar. The sheer passion for natural perfume materials manifest in his description has more than once stimulated me to track down some rare and unfamiliar essence. I lean on his book for my own descriptions of the individual essences, and I recommend buying a copy of it for yourself. Reading his descriptions of natural essences and comparing them to your own impressions is a terrific way to broaden your aromatic palette and to learn about the nuances of scent.