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Aug 17, 2009 | 01:17 PM CDT

Sandalwood Oil

Artiste Flavor/Essence, Inc. offers sandalwood oil (Santalum album; CAS# 8006-87-9).

Jul 30, 2009 | 10:28 AM CDT

First International Lavender Conference in September

The conference will be held from Sept. 6–11, 2009, at Clare College, Cambridge, England.

Jul 13, 2009 | 02:42 PM CDT

Green Beauty: Ingredients and Standards

An upcoming meeting seeks to help those interested in the positioning of green brands to identify "authentic" natural and organic products.

Jul 09, 2009 | 01:16 PM CDT

Aldehydes and Acetals - Parts 1 and 2

Octanal and Nonanal
By: Michael Zviely, CIC

Application as flavor and fragrance ingredients.

Jun 30, 2009 | 02:40 PM CDT

Black tea SFE 146286

Firmenich’s black tea SFE 146286 is a natural ingredient of Sri Lankan origin extracted by supercritical CO2 process.

Jun 19, 2009 | 10:52 AM CDT


Symrise’s Jacinthaflor is a powerful floralizer with an indolic floral character combining jasmine and hyacinth.

May 22, 2009 | 11:25 AM CDT

Letter to the Editor: Rose Oil in Kashmiri India

Geranium oil contamination in results.

May 13, 2009 | 10:49 AM CDT

Products Preview of CSA Roundtable

Company-wise listing of products to be showcased at the event.

Apr 22, 2009 | 03:26 PM CDT

Organic Standard Draft Available for Comment

Trade association publishes draft for comments, input and discussion.