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Consumer-Winning Perfumery: a Look Ahead

Posted: April 11, 2007

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Fragrances will continue to be an intrinsic part of consumer products, appreciated for their aesthetic value and emotional connection, which are critical in selling the product.

About Helen Feygin

Helen Feygin began her career as a chemical engineer, specializing in synthesis of fine organics. Her entry into the world of fragrance began at the Brooklyn, New York, boutique fragrance house Elias Fragrances. Doing synthesis of novel aroma chemicals for in-house use piqued her interest in perfumery. She joined Colgate Palmolive Co. in 1983 and worked as global fragrance leader responsible for the company’s personal care products. In 1998, Feygin joined IFF to direct the consumer products perfumery team, later moving on to Symrise where she lead perfumery, evaluation, marketing and consumer research teams as vice president of consumer products development. Today, Feygin is the founder and president of Intuiscent LLC, a company that specializes in development of fragrances for products worldwide.